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10 Tips for Your First Dance Lesson

10 Tips for Your First Dance Lesson

Do you want to learn to dance? Are you preparing for your first dance lesson? If so, we know it can feel confusing, overwhelming, and even a little scary. But the key is not to stress. Arthur Murray Bondi Dance Studio is here to help you.

We'll tell you what you can expect from your first dance lesson so you can learn the steps and gain the confidence to return each week for your dance lessons at Arthur Murray Bondi.

How to survive your first dance class at Arthur Murray Bondi:

Be on time

You don't just want to be on time for dance class, you want to be a little early too. Your dance instructor will appreciate your punctuality and eagerness to learn. If you expect to be late or unable to attend class, please call or email us.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
If you don't feel comfortable in your clothes and shoes, you can't expect to become a good dancer. No matter whether you're learning salsa, swing, or taking private lessons to learn how to dance the cha cha, feeling comfortable is an essential key to dancing success.
The most important aspect of feeling comfortable during dance lessons is your shoes. Don't wear high heels. A good pair of sneakers, loafers or ballet flats will work great.
For all steps and movements related to dance it is advisable to wear light and fresh clothing. Even with the air conditioning on, your body temperature will rise.

Get ready
During your first dance lesson at Arthur Murray Bondi, we will dedicate a portion of the lesson to talking about the types of dances you want to learn. We'll also talk about the songs you want to dance to and go over what you might expect from future dance lessons. Having an idea of ​​whether you want to learn Latin or other popular dances will give you more time to practice your moves in dance lessons.

be patient
You won't become the king or queen of the ballroom after just one lesson. Be patient. Being an expert dancer takes time. Our lessons are taught step by step and you will learn each step over time.
Being an expert dancer takes time. Don't feel guilty if you accidentally step on your dance partner's toes. Focus on one move at a time. With the guidance of your dance instructor and enough practice, you'll be dancing on the floor in no time.

Don't worry about having a partner
No partner is needed to take a dance lesson. Many people focus on having a partner and fail to enjoy the dance class. Just think about the steps and having as much fun as possible.

Learn at your own pace
There will be no strict, comically bad, stereotypical dance teacher wearing a helmet! Your instructor is a certified, full-time, career-focused professional who is there to show you what you can do, not demand what you can't.

We all start with two left feet
Whenever you start something new, it's completely normal to feel a little uncomfortable and a little awkward. But if you can put one foot in front of the other, you can learn to dance! Your first dance steps will be based on natural walking actions, so don't worry about not having any natural dancing ability.

dance like nobody's watching
You've heard this saying before, but when you go to dance class, really dance like no one is watching. Many people get nervous about everyone staring at them during dance class.
In reality, everyone is focused on their own moves and will not pay any attention to you. Concentrate on your feet and your movements and everything will be fine!

Ask questions
Many people are afraid to ask questions if they don't understand a move or want to see something demonstrated again.
If you need further explanation, don't be afraid to ask. There are no stupid questions when it comes to learning to dance. Our instructors are here for you.

Have fun
This is by far the most important part of surviving your first dance class. Relax and enjoy! This will not only help you survive your first dance class, but will keep you coming back for more.

It's never too late to learn. The most difficult step is usually the first: choosing to walk through the doors of our Dance School. But the wonderful thing about social dancing is that you can become a great dancer at any age! Whether you're about to jump into the social dancing scene; you're middle-aged and looking for a hobby, or you're close to retirement - the best time to learn is right now!

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